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Spent the day exploring the island and crashing into waves. 🌴
This photo was taken right before I hit my leg and on the wall of the slide and started crying.  (at Paradise Island, Bahamas)
Me and my bird love going outside.  (at Atlantis Paradise Island)

NEW VIDEO - I went up to complete strangers and reminded them that they’re beautiful!

Yoko is my new favourite dog. I found her in Kensington. Her owner was a bit creeped out by the number of pictures me and my friends took.
She was fourth wheeling our date.
Had fun at the premiere of Noah, it’s a story about love, sacrifice and insest.
Should I start rocking the bowl haircut again?
Interviewing my girl @zozeebo
Just moved into my new apartment. I’m feeling extremely grateful. Can you guess who my roommate is?